The Daily Whippet

Tala Takes Best of Breed at
ASFA Field Trial

by Kristy Thomas

Kicking off before 6 am with the inspection of workers dogs, the day ended around 6:30 pm with photos of the winners. Between those 12 hours a lot was accomplished. Running first as test dog was the wonderful, multiple titled dog-named Nikki owned by Bobbie Lutz. Nikki happens to be 14 years old.

The sun was shining and off went the first trio. We ran through Open, FChs and Vets, back to Open for a spell then came the wonderful Raffle and lunch. Then we were off again, the rain held off till the very tail end of the day. There were many spectators at all times during the event.

Dick Schroeder, lure operator for FChs and Vets,  said “we safely ran more than 107 courses in less than 8 hours.” Very efficient time for an entry of over 160 dogs.

Judge Kathy Nelson said she was happy to see such beautiful running Whippets, and the field conditions were very good. Judge Nelson was particularly impressed with the efficiency of the club; all the people that helped make it a good day. She ended her comment with this “it is such a great place to see old friends and meet new ones.”

The run off for breed drew a very large crowd, In the final were the veteran Quinn, owned by Heather and Everett Dansereau, Blew from Open owned by Libby Rice, and  Tala from FCh owned by Michelle and Jeff Libersher.

Best of Breed for the 2015 ASFA Whippet Club National Specialty is Tala owned by Michelle and Jeff Libersher. Though a whippet of many accomplishments on the coursing field, Michelle says this is Tala’s biggest win. Michelle started in Borzoi, moving onto Whippets in 1992, with Les Pekarski as her mentor. Jeff said there is steak waiting for her tonight, in celebration. As a last note when you see Tala doing a very good “butt dance” at the line, Michelle says that means Tala is feeling good. You have been warned. Sleep well tonight Tala.

Congrats to all the winners and to all bringing their hounds safely home.



Quinn took 1st in Veterans

Riff was 1st in Open Flight A

Blew was 1st in Open Flight B

Reason was 1st in Open Flight C

Comfort was 1st in Open Flight D

Relish was 1st in Open Flight E

Turi was 1st in Open Flight F

Prada was 1st in FCh Flight A

Tala was 1st in FCh Flight B

Streak was 1st in FCh Flight C

Fig was 1st in Flight D

Rando not Mango or Tango but Rando was 1st in Flight E

Catori was 1st in Flight F who happened to achieve her LCM12 today!