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Talented Fifi and Angie Grace Team up for First in Versatility

by Lauri Austin

Versatility is the toughest competition at the National; competitors must compete in Standard and JWW in the agility trial, ASFA lure coursing, rally and conformation. Also, unlike the Triathlon, the dog must be handled by an owner (preferably the same owner who participated in all the other events). After two and a half days of competition (and years of training leading up to the event) the winners of 2015 AWC National Versatility Top 10 were announced at midday Tuesday.

Angie Grace and her Whippet, Fifi (GCh DC Oh So Devereux, CD, BN, RA, SC, ARX, DPCX, NAJ, NA, CAVX), were named the number one 2015 Versatility team.

Angie graciously agreed to a short interview and explained that she and her mom, Robin Brown, started in Whippets with 2 rescue dogs. Angie was showing horses and decided she wanted to start showing Whippets. She contacted Mike and Kathy Slater, persuaded them that she was really serious about wanting to do both conformation and coursing with a Whippet, and her new and amazingly successful venture into show/performance Whippets began.

When asked to choose her proudest moment competing with Fifi, Angie couldn’t identify just one. “She’s done so much for me!” was her reply. Surely there can’t be a better tribute to a performance partner than that.

Angie shared some of her training tips:

-Keep it positive

-Take the time and make the effort to keep it fun

-Teach your dog “Jackpot” - a huge reward when they get it right. And always deliver on that promise when they deliver for you.

Congratulations to Angie and Fifi for their truly remarkable accomplishments.



Photo of the Day

Grounds committe drives a pimped out ride. Photo by Terri Deluca.